Guide to spots with great scenery and activities in Hokkaido

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You can feel the nature of Lake Toya on your skin.Canoe Tour in the great sceneries

Why don't you calm down and enjoy the moment when you become one with nature in a slowly passing time?

It's a course in which you can canoe in Lake Toya while seeing a superb view of Hokkaido.
The lake has no wind or waves, so even beginners can easily operate a canoe, and children and adults can enjoy it.

  • Plan name:

    Canoe Tour in the great sceneries

  • Time required:

    1 hour

  • Price:

    12,000yen ⇒ 5,400yen

  • Availability of reservation:

    2-3 people

  • Target Age

    Children between the ages of 6 and 15 must be accompanied by their guardian.

  • About cancellations and changes

    If you would like to cancel your reservation, please call us immediately.
    If you cancel for personal reasons, we will charge you the cancellation fee below.

    Previous day: 50% of the reservation charge
    Day: 100% of the reservation charge

  • Cancellation due to bad weather

    It will be held even if it rains, but it may be cancelled in the case of bad weather. In such a case, we will contact you as soon as possible, on the day before or on the day.
    Please note that in the case of cancellation, we will not compensate for the travel expenses to the site.

  • Flow of start to finish

    ・Make a reservation by phone or e-mail
    ・Paying the fee
    ・Completion of the reservation
    ・Start to canoe

  • About fees and payment

    Please transfer your payment to the following account.

    北海道銀行 洞爺支店 (普)0585171
    口座名義人 ド)リンクスイノベーシヨン ダイヒョウトリシマリヤク フジオカ ユキヤ