Guide to spots with great scenery and activities in Hokkaido

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Canoe Tour in the great sceneries

Family Trip, Donan Tour, Scenic Spots and Experiences
  • Time required:1 hour

  • Availability of reservation:2-3 people

  • Price:5,400yen

Why don't you calm down and enjoy the moment when you become one with nature in a slowly passing time?

Handmade canoe

Donan Tour and Experiences
  • Time required:Approximately 1 month and a half

  • Availability of reservation:About 2 to 3 people

Why don't you make your own Canadian wood canoe? It is easy even for beginners! We support all the work from making canoe materials to the completion of a canoe.

Canoe sale

Limited sale

A completely original canoe made by a canoe craftsman is on sale. 1 remaining