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Handmade Canadian Wood Canoe

Why don't you make your own Canadian wood canoe?
It is easy even for beginners! We support all the work from making canoe materials to the completion of a canoe.

Together with veteran canoe craftsmen, you can make authentic Canadian wood canoes with your own original design.
You can work on your canoe according to your own schedule. If you work on it twice a week, it will take about a month and a half. We have everything that you need to make a canoe, so you don't need anything in particular.

The place to store valuables is Hokkaido Toyako Town Toya Town TOYA Canoe workshop
Please contact Fujioka for inquiries.

  • Handmade Canadian Wood Canoe [with two paddles]

  • Manufacturing period:

    approx. 1.5 months

  • Expenses:

    200,000 yen (including consumption tax, materials and training fees)

  • Size:

    16 feet • total length: approx. 490 cm x width: 84 cm
    • Weight: approx. 30 to 35 kg

  • What you need to prepare

    Please wear clothes that you don't mind dirtying. We provide all the materials and tools on the site.

  • Flow of start to finish

    ・Make a reservation by phone or e-mail
    ・Paying the fee
    ・Completion of the reservation
    ・Checking the schedule
    ・Starting to manufacturing

  • About payment

    Please transfer the payment to the following account.

    北海道銀行 洞爺支店 (普)0585171
    口座名義人 ド)リンクスイノベーシヨン ダイヒョウトリシマリヤク フジオカ ユキヤ