Guide to spots with great scenery and activities in Hokkaido

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Custom-tailored Sightseeing in HokkaidoComplete original course

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Even if you are on a personal trip for the first time, there is nothing you need to worry about! Our expert staff will support you on your trip! Links Innovation offers custom-tailored sightseeing with pickup service to support trips featuring "peace of mind" and "freedom" in Hokkaido.


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"I want to go to secret spots, but I am not familiar with the place and I am not confident about driving."

"I want to efficiently go around where I want to go."

"I want to go on a tour in a chartered vehicle, free from time constraints."


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Shizunai Cherry Blossom Tour


Let us show you around spots famous for cherry blossoms. Let us introduce to you spots with great scenery that you can't miss.

Syakotan Blue Gourmet Tour

tourist spots

Shakotan Gourmet Tour that Links proposes. Recommended for summer. Eat delicacies of Hokkaido to your heart's content.

Jozankei Autumn Leaves Tour


Enjoy forest bathing and touring along the river in Sapporo's inner parlor "Jozankei."